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SPWM Brushless DC Motor Controller IC For Hall Sensor Or Sensorless BLDC Motor

China Changzhou Bextreme Shell Motor Technology Co.,Ltd certification
China Changzhou Bextreme Shell Motor Technology Co.,Ltd certification
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SPWM Brushless DC Motor Controller IC For Hall Sensor Or Sensorless BLDC Motor

SPWM Brushless DC Motor Controller IC For Hall Sensor Or Sensorless BLDC Motor
SPWM Brushless DC Motor Controller IC For Hall Sensor Or Sensorless BLDC Motor SPWM Brushless DC Motor Controller IC For Hall Sensor Or Sensorless BLDC Motor

Large Image :  SPWM Brushless DC Motor Controller IC For Hall Sensor Or Sensorless BLDC Motor

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Juyi
Model Number: JY01
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Carton+packing foams
Delivery Time: 5-30days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1000 pcs per day

SPWM Brushless DC Motor Controller IC For Hall Sensor Or Sensorless BLDC Motor

Operating Voltage: 4.5-5.5V Drive Mode: SPWM
Sensor: Hall Sensor Or Sensorless Operating Temperature: -40-85 ℃
Overload Protection: Yes Constant Current Drive: Yes
Current Close- Loop: Yes
High Light:

bldc motor driver


3 phase motor driver

JY01 SPWM Brushless DC Motor Controller IC For Hall Sensor Or Sensorless BLDC Motor
Upgrade history log

JY01_V3.5_20171020 The sixth edition /Date:20th,Oct,2017
1,Enable status bug solved under Hall sensor motor application.
2,Reliability of the Overload protection increased.
3,FG output status abnormal solved under sensorless motor application,the updated IC
offer more reliable FG output for external monitoring and controlling
4,Motor Shaft Lock Protection period changed to 2.5 S instead of 5 S for maximum
protection to the motor and circuit.
5,Update the error datas in old version.
6,The updated version is compatible with old version.
7,Improve Starting exception handler.
8,Enhance performance of under load starting.
9,Added Automatic afterflow function.
The new version IC soft start time is 1S,3S and 10S options,3S start time is recommended
for vast majority applications,its more protective for motor and power supplying system.

ID: JY01(1C18)1S;JY01(6281)3S;JY01(520F)10S

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JY01 brushless DC motor controller IC
Shanghai JUYI tech
Changzhou OWO International


JY01 features
JY01 is special designed control IC for brushless DC motor driver, applied to Hall sensor BLDC motor or sensorless BLDC motor, its easy to application, peripheral circuit issimple, low costs,SPWM drive mode with low noise, high efficiency, stable quality and professional technical support,JY01 has been quickly approved by many electronic

JY01 has been widely used in many fields, such as:brushless DC fan, brushless DC pump, lawn mower, scooter,balanced car, robot, scientific instruments and equipment,auto fuel pump, electric Windows, electric seat adjustment,air-conditioning fan, electric rearview mirror adjustment,such as home appliances such as vacuum cleaners, airconditioning, plumbing equipment, high-end children'stoys, model aircraft, model cars, model, etc.; It has alsobeen widely used in handheld tools such as grindingmachines, hand drills, engraving machines, electricscrewdrivers, etc
Working voltage: 4.5 v-5.5 V.
Working temperature: -40-85
Drive mode: SPWM
Daul drive mode : With Hall senor or sensorless
Adaptive motor: no hall motor/hall motor.
Steering control: positive/negative
Soft reversing: Yes
Speed signal: Yes
Overload protection: Yes
Current closed loop: Yes
Constant current drive: Yes
Blocking protection: Yes
Soft starting: yes
Special technology: JYKJ full condition safety start function
Speed adjustment: linear
Soft start period:1 S,3 S,10S optional
SOP16 packaging



Pin Name Function Remark
1 Brak brake control
2 Is Current signal feedback input
3 Vss 0V
4 Vdd 5V
5 Z/F
6 M
7 AT
MA top drive output
8 AB
9 BT
10 BB
11 CT
12 CB
13 Ha
14 Hb
15 Hc
16 VR
Input 0 V-2.5V or 0 V - 5.0V
Power negative pole 0V
Power positive pole 5V
CW or CCW control connect Vss or Vdd
speed signal output Pulse signal output
MA top drive output
position sensor input c
position sensor input b
position sensor input a

diagram and pin function description
Overload protect :0.1V
MA bottom drive output
MB bottom drive output
MB top drive output
MC bottom drive output
MC top drive output
MA drive top MOSFET H-bridge
MA drive bottoom MOSET H-bridge
MB drive top MOSET H-bridge
MB drive bottoom MOSET H-bridge
MC drive top MOSET H-bridge
MC drive bottoom MOSET H-bridge
Hall sensor input a
Hall sensor input c
Hall sensor input b
speed control input 0V-2.5V or 0V-5.0V

120 ° sensor motor sequence chart(Forward) 120 ° sensor motor sequence chart(Reversing)
JY01 drive signal is positive polarity output,please take note when
choosing MOS drive circuit and power MOS!
Symbol Description Min.value Typical value Max.value Unit Rating
VDD Power inout 4.5 5 5.5 V VDD to Vss
VIL input IO Low level
0 0.3 V Fwd/Rev IO

VIH input IO High level
3 5.5 V Fwd/Rev IO

IOL Low level sink curren 5 8 mA
IOH High level output curren 3 5 mA
Vjd analog input voltage 0 5 V
Ijd analog input current 100 nA
Isva Overload limit voltage 0.095 0.1 0.105 V Is Pin voltage
Ista constant current control
voltage 0.095 0.1 0.105 V R&I conpsotainntt current

RPT soft start time 100 mS speed 0-

Electrical ratings
Drive Oscillogram

(SPWM output close to sinusoid,well electromagnetic noise restraint )
1. JY01 apply to sensorless brushless DC motor schematic
Forward drive output oscillogram
(SPWM output close to sinusoid,well electromagnetic noise restraint )
Reversing drive output oscillogram
application principle scheme

counter electromotive force
detection circuit LM229
Speed signal output
Fwd/Rev control
Speed control
Start torque adjust
VDD (5V)

Note: Is is the current signal feedback input, Is terminal voltage reaches 0.1V when the system starts the
overload monitoring and start the constant current control function, the drive current is no longer increase
by VR terminal voltage increases or load increases , this function effectively prevents Due to the load is too
large and burn drive MOS power MOS tube problem, and can continue to provide the motor to maintain the
maximum drive state, when the accident led to the current continues to increase, Is terminal voltage reaches
or exceeds 0.2V, JY01 will immediately enter the protection state , Turn off all output, only when VR drops to
0V or re-power will be released.
According to Ohm's law, we only need to change the R value to change the value of the protection current,
so JY01 in the current protection is very flexible (described in detail later)

2. JY01 apply to Hall sensor brushless DC motor schematic
Speed signal output
Fwd/Rev control
Speed control
Enable control
VDD (5V) current detect

Application shcematic
Application 1. N+P framework small power sensorless motor driver application
principle and PCB drawing

Product Photo
size:L 45 mm* W 28mm
This circuit has been in mass production, product apply to toys, model
aircraft, car models, ship models, fans, pumps, electric curtains, DC brushless
motors, due to simple circuit after secondary development (mainly
dimensional changes ), It has been widely used in the built-in drive of
miniature DC brushless sensorless motor
Application 2. small power Hall sensor motor driver application principle and PCB

Scan for HD file
VCC 7.5V-17.5V operating current ≤ 3A All components in a 45mm*32mm
PCB board , N + P (top drive is the P-MOSFET H-bridge, bottom drive is
N-MOSFET H-bridge) structure suitable for low-voltage&low-power motor
applications, with small size and low costs, N + P circuit in the low-voltage
low-power motor external driver or built-in driver has widely application
size:L 45 mm* W 32mm
Product Photo
Application 3. N+N framework middle-sized power sensorless motor driver
application principle and PCB drawing

Scan for HD file
Product Photo
size:L 63 mm* W 43mm JYQD-V6.3E1
JY01 composed of medium-power Hall and sensorless brushless DC motor
controller board, 6 pcs TO-220 packed of high-power MOSFET mounted on the
back of the PCB, the VCC control board voltage in the range of 12V - 48V,
Maximum operating current up to 20A (plus appropriate heatsink), this kind of
circuits have been successfully used in such as DC brushless fan motor,
brushless DC motor pump, scooter motor, handheld devices, etc.
N+N framework applications can achieve the needs of high voltage and high
current, so it is widely used in many DC brushless motor control which needs
higher working voltage or higher working current. This circuit are one of more
mature circuits. Circuit due to high stability, easy production and processing,
the costs is low and can be facilitated for modular production.
Application 4. Middle-sized power Hall sensor brushless motor driver application
principle and PCB drawing

Scan for HD file
Product Photo
size:L 63 mm* W 43mm JYQD-V7.3E

As shown above is a high-voltage DC brushless sensorless motor driver circuit,
220VAC power supply produce 310V DC by the rectifier filter, and then JY01
control three-output to drive high-voltage DC brushless motor , according to
the schematic parameters can drive up to 100W Of the motor, this circuit has
been successfully used in air-conditioning unit, high efficiency energy-saving
exhaust fan, bladeless fan, air blower and other high voltage DC sensorless
brushless motor.
size:L 84mm *W 70mm *H 31mm
Application 5. 220V AC input sensorless brushless motor driver application
principle and PCB drawing

Scan for HD file
Product Photo
JY01 is integrated 2 in 1 control IC for Hall or sensorless brushless DC motor, which makes it very easy to
application in use, please pay attention before circuit design and application.
1: JY01 for Hall sensor motor driver, connect Pin 1 to Vss or connect 5V while power on, JY01 will drive as Hall way.
2: JY01 for Sensorless motor driver, offer 0.1V -4V to Pin 1, JY01 will drive as Sensorless way.
Pin 1 is multi-function pin, there are three operational states:
1: JY01 in application settings when power on.
2: This pin is a Enable control pin under Hall way,High-level voltage is normal drive,Low-level voltage is
forbidden-drive (no output)
3: This pin is Start torque adjustment pin under Sensorless way,voltage range:0.1V-2V.

Please confirm the application state of JY01 before the design.
a) Start torque setting:The Start torque setting is important for sensoless motor starting,the
Start torque is related with the motor performance. the motor will not start or hard to start if
the start torque is small,the motor will shake or reversing if the Start torque is too high.
Initial application debugging according to the motor load,follow the steps as follow:

i.Connect a 20K potentiometer to 0 V and 5 V ,the middle pin connect to JY01 IC I pin.
ii.Adjust the potentiometer to 0 V (Start torque 0) when power on.
iii.Input speed regulation signal to VR pin from 0V to 5V,and check the motor start or not
iv.If the motor can not start or start abnormal,can add the potentiometer value to 0.1 V then
repeat Step iii, if the motor still not start,then add to 0.2V/0.3V/0.4V of the potentiometer and
repeat Step iii till the motor start.

v.If the motor reversing when start,it means the Start torque is high,it should reduce the Start
torque for normal start, Otherwise long time reversing will damage the motor and MOSFET.

b) Overload protection and current sampling resistance setting:JY01 has perfect overload
protection function,it has overload protection and abnormal current protection function
when the current sampling resistor value R is correct set. When Is pin voltage meet to
0.1V,overload monitoring will start,and turn to Constant current state,the drive current will not
change, no matter the VR voltage getting higher or lower and the load getting bigger or
less.In this state,JY01 will keep offering constant drive power to motor. if the Is pin voltage
meet to 0.2V or more ,the protection will activated in 4.5 μs.
R value selection method
R value formula I = 0.1/R
I:value of constant current (unit:Amp)
0.1: JY01 Is pin voltage
R:current limit resistance(unit:Ohm)
For example:working current:3A,set the safety constant current to 5A , when the current
meet to 5A or more,the programme will keep the current at according to formula
I=0.1/R, R=0.1/5=0.02 Ohm,so Overload protection and current sampling power resistor
should be 20 mOhm

c) Blocking protection:the blocking protection will activated and stop output if the motor not
start normal in 3 second, reduce the VR voltage to 0 to quit the protection, rise the VR voltage
to restart the motor.

JY01 application setting
function description and precautions.

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